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Launch of 1st Service & Advent

We are striving to help others toward transformational living in Jesus Christ.

304 E. 4th Ave., Clifton, IL 60927 Phone (815)694-2561

Growing Together at Church & Home

We believe in lifelong spiritual growth and encourage growth together at church, in home groups, and through online connections. Click above to learn more or connect to other online resources including the Pastor’s blog and sermons. We are also part of Rightnow media which hosts thousands of Christian and inspirational materials.

4C Youth

This is the Link to our Youth Ministry Page

The Power of Prayer is Our Support in all We do

We believe in praying together, and have a prayer team willing to pray for your needs. please click above to leave a request.

Watch sermons on Youtube

The Christ Centered Journey: Daily Podcast from Pastor Dan. He often expounds on subjects from Sunday’s Sermons. It is a good way to continue to grow. For a link through Spotify click the icon below.

About Us

Find out More about us.

More About Us

Get In Touch

  • christcentercommunity@gmail.com
  • (815)694-2561

More Ways to Get In Touch

Sunday Meetings

304 4th St. , Clifton, IL 60927

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