Growing Together at Church & Home

We are here to help one another grow in Christ-like transformation. We know that growth is a life-long experience. To help we offer ways to connect together for growth, and growth opportunities at home.

Sunday Gathering Worship Together

Sunday Gathering 10:15 a.m.

A time of worship, sharing, and encouragement together over coffee & snacks.

You can come for the coffee, sing as you feel comfortable, and enjoy fellowship with others seeking to encourage one another in the journey of transformation in the love of Jesus Christ.

Small Groups & Home groups

A short description of your company and the services you offer.

Our Rightnow Media Connection

Our church is connected to Rightnow Media a resource of thousands of Bible Studies. Through our connection Church members have free access to this resource for spiritual growth.

Members & Attendee’s send a contact with your email address to be connected & Let us know you want to be connected. Contact Us.

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